CRi: Tell Her (Official Video)


Colour Grading
for Music Video:

CRI : Tell Her

Directed by Xu Ming Lo Tong.
Shot on Arri Alexa, 
in Montreal.


This is a title sequence created for a fictitious Live Action TV Show adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) for the FilmSupply Contest.
I only used footage from fil; except one closeup shot and some archival footage from
All edited on premiere pro cc, graded on davinci resolve 12.5.

Concept, Editing, Colour Grade, Compositing : Alexandre DO
Matte Paints : Palmolive Fernandez (alias)
Titles : Phill Leggett-Jones


I do not own any rights for any of the footage/soundtrack used in this video 

Dr Leon: Neural Enhancement


Short film shot for Sofi Lee Henson's experiential show "Dr. Leon"
shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Show excerpt:
Harness the power of Better today with the Dr Leon: Better chip. Come to our surgery and experience the pinnacle of neural wellbeing treatments. Let our staff sooth away any physical or mental pains. A Better life is just around the corner.

Dr Leon: Neural Enhancement was set up at the Balfron Tower, Poplar, London. It was a seven week immersive event for one person at a time to experience brain surgery. The function of the implanted chip was to encourage positive behaviour in order to help patients to discover their Better selves. The experience lasted an hour as patients were seen to very closely by the surgery staff. The experience, which lasted an hour, was laden with psychotherapeutic analysis, unsettlingly cultish love bombing, sarcastic humour and realistic physical feelings of anaesthetic and psychoactive stimulations.

Director, Art Director : Sofi Lee-Henson
DOP, Colour Grader : Alexandre Do
Sound Designer : Emmet O'Donnell
Lighting Designer : Ben Kearney
Costume : Lauren Bridle
Sound Recording :  Irfan Hassan

Starring :
Miranda Mac Letten,
Fania Grioriou, 
Flavia Bertram,
James Carney,
Omar Gordon, 
Voiceover: Rosemary Rance.


Superwoman Music Video - (Director's Cut)


Music video for artist Jazz Mino.
shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Full Credits:

MK Ceesay: Director, Editor
Alexandre Do: Producer, Colour Grader
William Hazell: DOP, Cam Op
Sofi Lee-Henson: Art Director, Set Design
Aria Hussein: Make-Up Artist
Ausra Miksyte: Assistant Art Director

Jazz Mino
Felicity Lamb
Owen Clark
Sabrina Salerno
Livia Rita

The Observatory


Short film for an experimental theatre show at Vault Festival.
Directed by Sofi Lee Henson.
worked in Cinematography, Editing and Colour Grading.

The aesthetic of the film is heavily inspired by the work of Lucy McRae, Shane Carruth's Upstream Color, and Punch Drunk.

Full Credits:

Sofi Lee-Henson: Designer, Director & Producer
Alexandre Do: Director of Photography & Editor
Xu-Ming Lo Tong: 1st AC
Sophie Sierra: 1st AD
Emmett Glynn: Sound Design & Sound Editor
Starring: Adam Wittek & Ellie Rose Boswell
Hannes Wannerberger: Foley Artist
Thomas K Shannon: Set & Prop Maker
Francis Qureshi: Special Effects
Will Hazell: Sound Recordist
Lauren Bridle: Costume

Special Thanks:
George Buckenham, 
Hannah Burton, 
Jack Cardno, 
Beth Evans, 
Virgil Ferragut, 
Ben Hall, 
Simonas Mozūra, 
Lau Nuk Nang, 
Christian Schmeer, 
Gabrielė Stravinskaitė.

This Breeze


Music Video : Flora & Cash - This Breeze
Directed by MK Ceesay
Produced by ZigZagZig Productions.

Worked in Cinematography and Colour Grading.
We shot this music video in Hampstead Heath in less than 4 hours. The Director wanted to shoot during golden hour in order to catch that dreamy/ cinematic light. Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2,5K and Lumix GH4.


Full Credits:

Director: MK Ceesay
DOP: Alexandre Do
1st AC: David Broner
Runner: Pamodou Ceesay

Company Men


Short film for Sci-Fi London 48 hours challenge.
Directed by Thomas K. Shannon
worked in Writing, Cinematography, Editing and Colour Grading.

I participated with a bunch of friends to the Sci-Fi London 2014 film challenge. We were given a few lines of dialogue, a title and a prop to use. We dedicated the first day to writing, organising cast (that we auditioned a few days before the challenge by making them read a scene from Looper) setting up the lab and securing other locations. On the second and final day, we had 2 shooting units to cover the locations in the least time. The night was entirely dedicated to editing and grading.


Full Credits:

Writers: Alexandre Do, Thomas K. Shannon, Jack Elliot Cardno.
Director: Thomas K. Shannon.
DOP: Alexandre Do, Christian Schmeer, Virgil Ferragut.
Camera Assistant: Will Hazell
Sound Recording: Hannes Wannerberger.
Producer: Sofi Lee Henson.



Short film: Minotaur
Written, Directed, Produced, Edited.

The film shows the complex relationship between a mute boy and his abusive father in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors in northern England.

This was my end of year project at Central Saint Martins. After my dissertation, I was given 3 months to work on 6 self initiated projects in film/animation. I decided instead to work on 1 single project in which I would wear as many hats as possible and learn more in the process.

I written the script in about a month. Pre Production took an extra month to have time to cast, find the house in yorkshire and the right crew. Post-Production took a month, 2 weeks for editing, 2 weeks for colour grading, all done at the film facilities at CSM.

Full Credits:

George Garcia Zinopoulos and Adam Lewis. 

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Color Grader: Alexandre DO
1st AD - MK Ceesay
DOP - Thomas Shannon & William Hazell
Art Director - Saskia Vranken
Grip - Matthew Gardner
Set Designer - Kelly Cho
Sound Recordist - Filipe Pinheiro
Make-up Artist - Ann Marie Myers
Sound Post Production - Alejo Garcigoy
Original Score - Magnus Lenneskog/ Kolthrast

Budget: 2000£



Music Video: Manflu- Tek
Produced by Beaucoup Film.
Worked as Editor/ Post-Production.

Alone with me


Trailer for the short film Alone with Me directed by
MK Ceesay.
Produced by ZigZagZig Productions.

I worked on this film as Cinematographer along with
Thomas K. Shannon. All shot on Canon 7D/5D MK2

This is me


This is the first film I made at Central Saint Martins college of arts and design as part of my Graphic Design & Moving Image course. This is a very short film about perfectionism.

Camera operator: Thomas K. Shannon