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Animation project made in collaboration with
Kyungdon Tezo Lee

We were asked to make a short animation film based on a speech by writer Darcus Howe for their summer animation series "After Capitalism". We had 10 days to produce and deliver this film,

so we decided to aim for something simple but interesting to do, we based our film on Plato's allegory of the cave.



Animation short.
This is my first animation short done while learning Adobe After Effects.
It depicts the cycle of water in its stages. The visual style is a combination of vector shapes and greenscreened looped animations.



Animation Short

I forgot the reason why I made this video, but I remember that I didn't really respect the brief I was given at CSM. In this video I wanted to emulate what the sleeping process might look like if we could record it If we assume a dream is a summarization of everything that you experienced in a day. The way I remember my dream is usually a stream of dozens of situations that follow each other seamlessly, but once I recall them they don't make much sense. 

I filmed everything that happened to me on the 11/11/2011 and edited it and datamoshed it following the different stages of the sleeping process (NREM and REM stages).

the REM (rapid eye motion, a stage close to awake) is depicted as really quickly cut sequences of elements of the day, the NREM, when the brain is emitting really low frequences and known as Deep State, is depicted as datamoshed.

Our Journey


Animation short.
This is the first project I handed in at Central Saint Martins as part of my graphic design course. I came from Paris where I studied graphic design since I was 16. They asked me to produce any kind of work that would be about the concept of Journey. I originally did a timelapse of google streetview between my address in Paris to CSM in London. But it didnt look great. I went with this rotoscoped animation instead, which is about the numerous journey my family and my ancestors undertook, and the possible fictitious/ non factual nature of family history when it is all transmitted orally.